News Mahottari: Ward No. 1 and Ward No. 3 Victorious In Bardibas Inter Ward Championship

In an intense showdown, Ward No. 1 secured a hard-fought win, with Rupesh demonstrating heroics as the goalkeeper, thwarting numerous attempts to score. The standout player of the match, Thakur, exhibited exceptional ball control and played a pivotal role in ensuring victory for his team. His skillful performance proved instrumental in steering his team to triumph.

The second game of the day featured a highly competitive match between Ward No. 3 and Ward No. 10. Despite each side securing a goal during regular play, the game was ultimately decided by a penalty shootout. Ward No. 3 proved fortunate in the penalty shootout, ultimately emerging victorious. Swaroop Bhandari, the goalkeeper for Ward No. 3, was instrumental in this triumph, and his remarkable performance earned him the prestigious "Man of the Match" title.

As the tournament progresses, the quarter-final matches are set to commence tomorrow. Ward No. 2 and Ward No. 1 will face off in one of these thrilling encounters, while another exciting match between Ward No. 14 and Ward No. 08, is also on the horizon.

The President, Birat Kumar Bist, has expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming matches, highlighting the growing excitement surrounding the "Wada Cup.".

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