News Mahottari: Ward No 8 & 1 Register Win In Bardibas Inter Ward Championship

In the Bardibas inter ward championship 2080, ward No. 8 and Ward No. 1 emerged as victorious teams on Monday.

Ward No. 8 witnessed an outstanding performance by Sudip Pulami Magar, who was recognized as the standout player for his remarkable contribution to his team's success. His exceptional performance led his team to a well-deserved victory.

In a competitive second match, Ward No. 1 secured a hard-fought win. In the face-off between Ward No. 1 and Ward No. 2, Ward No. 1 displayed their prowess by clinching victory with a two-goal lead.

The "Ward Cup" continues to be a platform for extraordinary sporting talent and intense competition.

This collaborative initiative between Ward No. 3 of Bardibas Municipality and Bardibas United Football Club underscores the commitment to promoting sports and fostering a sense of unity and friendly competition within the community.

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