News Mahottari: Ward 7 and Ward 2 Emerged Victorious In Ward Cup Football Tournament 2080

Ward number seven and two have won their respectibe matches In Bardibas inter ward football championship, hosted by Ward No. 3 in collaboration with the Bardibas United Football Club of Mahottari.

The standout performer of the day was Amrit Adhikari, who netted a splendid goal for Ward No. 7, earning him the prestigious "Man of the Match" title. His remarkable goal came in the 50th minute of the game.

Meanwhile, the clash between Ward No. 2 and Ward No. 11 was nothing short of intense, with both teams scoring two goals each, leading to a dramatic penalty shootout. Ward No. 2 proved to be fortunate in this high-pressure situation, ultimately securing the victory. Suman Magar, the goalkeeper for Ward No. 2, delivered an outstanding performance and was rightfully honored as the Man of the Match.

Binod Khadka, the president of the organizing club, revealed that the forthcoming fixture will showcase a thrilling contest between Ward No. 1 and Ward No. 9, while Doshra Khel Ward No. 3 will face off against Ward No. 10 Khairmara in the upcoming matches.

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