News Mahottari: Bardibas Municipality Inter Ward Championship From Ashoj 25

Sponsored by Bardibas municipality Ward No. 3 in Mahottari and jointly organized by the Bardibas United Football Club, the "Wada Cup Football Tournament 2080" is set to kick off on Ashoj 25, 2080.

The tournament will see the active participation of 14 ward teams representing Bardibas Municipality, all vying for victory starting on the aforementioned date.

Binod Khadka, the president of the organizing club, has announced that the first-place team will be awarded a cash prize of 41,000 rupees, while the second-place team will receive 21,000 rupees.

Additionally, there will be a thousand rupees each awarded to the tournament's best player and best goalkeeper. Furthermore, this Ward Cup football tournament will serve as the platform for selecting the best team from Bardibas Municipality.

The organizers have also shared that, beginning this year, they will introduce a special recognition for a former player from Bardibas Municipality in Mahottari, who will be acknowledged for their contributions to the sport of football.

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