News Nepal U23 Team Provides Nrs 10,000 To Ailing Samikchya Magar

Nepal national U23 team has provided Nrs 10,000 for the treatment of ailing Samikchya Magar.

Samikchya Magar, a player from Belaka Municipality, sustained serious eye injury on Baisakh 12 while doing house chores. She is now at Biratnagar eye hospital awaiting eye surgery.

GoalNepal has started fund raising campaign as her financial condition is not sound.

On Friday, Nepal U23 national team players decided to support Magar with Nrs 10,000. The team has also sent a special message to Magar. 

"On behalf of all U23 national team players, I would like to ask Samikchya not to worry and to be strong. We are with you and we are praying for your quick recovery", said the seniormost player.

For more details, please contact:

Coach Bhagwati Rana Magar

You can donate money through online in coach Magar's account:

Bhagawati Rana Magar
Prabhu Bank
Dharan Branch
A/C No: 02201100323680000001

Day 1:

GoalNepal: Nrs 10,000

Birat Shangrilla Sporting Club: Nrs 25,000
Nepal national team: Nrs 30,000
Nepal national U23 team: Nrs 10,000

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