News Biratnagar City FC Apologizes For A Halt Of Play

Biratnagar City FC has apologized for a halt of play during their Nepal Super League match against Lalitpur City FC.

They lost the match 0-4 and missed the chance to qualify for playoffs. The match was halted for 12 minutes after they conceded their second goal. All players except Pedro Manzi left the field upon the call from team bench.

"We regret and extend our apology for the halt of play during our sixth match under the Nepal Super League against Lalitpur City FC on Saturday, the 8th of May played at the Dashrath Stadium. It was entirely the decision of the club management, and not the players.

"The club management realizes the hurt on the ardent supporters of the club, its well wishers and the wider football community. It was never our intention to damage the spirit of the beautiful game. However, we can not shy away from the fact that the quality of decisions throughout the tournament has been substandard and below par, a voice echoed by coaches of several other participating teams and that does not help groom or uplift the level of NSL. Considering the wrongs we and the other clubs have faced in the tournament, the club management had made several formal approaches with the match officials with evidence in regards to uplifting the standard of decision making, however, our efforts met with deaf ears.

"We urge the organizers and the match officials to undergo self reflection in this regard. The system needs to be paid serious attention to, solely with the objective of elevating the standard of the league and Nepali football. This certainly does not qualify as an excuse, and we are making none, because we failed to make it to the play-offs, and the club management shoulders the entire responsibility for the damage done with the withdrawal of players from the match, we reiterate, it was a decision in which the players had no part. We also assure our ardent supporters that we will be back next season with greater aspirations, zeal and enthusiasm", said club in a release.

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