News Where Is VAR At 22nd Budha Subba Gold Cup?

Dharan FC president Kishor Jhapali is known for his outspoken trait. He second that today.

The club boasted to use Video Assistant Referee in this edition of Budha Subba gold cup in pre-match conference held weeks before. Online and national media had made headlines but this was definitely not true. Nothing was seen for VAR in the stadium today.

22nd edition of the event got underway at Dharan stadium.

For your information, VAR is very expensive. You need to install at least 16 cameras to use VAR in a single match.

When ANFA is still not known about the process, the club surprisingly stepped in to announce the use of VAR in a local tournament. Some believe that that was "gimmick" from Dharan FC to attract the fans.

According to reports, it cost USD 150,000 to install the system in each stadium.

We asked Dharan FC president Rai why they didn't use the system. He answered - ANFA didn't proceed for the approval from FIFA.

This is the exact quote from him:

बुढासुब्बा टुबोर्ग गोल्डकप प्रतियोगितामा भिडियो असिस्टेन्ट रेफ्रि (भिएआर) प्रविधि प्रयोग गर्ने भनिएता पनि फिफाको अनुमती लिने प्रकृयामा नै नभएपछि उक्त प्रविधि प्रयोग नहुने । भिएआर प्रयोग गर्न निश्चित मापदण्ड पुरा गरी फिफाको अनुमती आवश्यक हुन्छ । तर नेपालमा भिएआर प्रयोग गर्नकालागि एन्फाले नै फिफालाई अनुरोधको प्रकृया समेत अगाडी नबढाएको कारण यस पटक बुढासुब्बा गोल्डकपमा भिएआरको प्रयोग हुन सकेन ।।

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