News Nepal International Rohit Chand Supports Prajwal Rai With Nrs 10,000

Nepal international Rohit Chand has supported ailing Prajwol Rai, a young football player from Dharan, with Nrs 10,000.

Rabindra Chand, Rohit's brother, sent remit to the father of Rai in Dharan on Tuesday.

Rai has his vertebra fractured while playing a football tournament in Sunsari district. 

He was playing for Fair FC Dharan when he sustained severe injury on Kartik 7, 2076. 
 He is hospitalized at BPKIHS, Dharan and is awaiting surgery to realign the bones.

The family has already spent more than Nrs 2 lakh for the treatment. 

GoalNepal is running a fund raising campaign to support Rai and his parents for medical bills. The bill is expected to be Nrs 5-6 lakh (More than USD 5000).

Here is the list from Day 1:

GoalNepal 10,000

Rohit Chand (Nepal international) 10000
Ananta Thapa (NPC Coach) 5000

Er. Sovit Shrestha 5000

Hom Nath Giri (NRNA Kuwait VP) 7000

Bartaman Rai (A Division League player) 5000 

Planet Futsal Biratchowk 5000 

Sagar Ghimire (Dharan FC Coach) 3000

Nabin Chhetri 1000

Samir Rai 3000

If you are interested to support Rai, please contact GoalNepal at

or GoalNepal colleagues Mr. Janam Baral at 9816348711 & Mr. Sulav Kattel at 9819378418

For the record, we will publish all details about the donation we will receive for him.

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