News NPC Biratnagar Enters SFs Of 1st Panbari Gold Cup

The host Panbari Football Club has been eliminated from the Panbari Gold Cup after losing to Biratnagar in sudden death.

The match was scoreless at the scheduled time & it went to a tiebreaker.

Even in the tie breaker, after the score was tied at 5-5, the game was decided by sudden death. Panbari was defeated after Panbari's Subas Magar's shot in sudden death was saved by police goal keeper Balmiki Rai.

The winning team has entered the police semi-finals. Policemen Ramesh Rajvanshi, Ajay Periyar, Abhishek Alemgar, Sumit Pradhan, Dil Bahadur Tamang, Samir Limbu and Sandeep Bhujel scored in the tiebreaker.

Panbari's Ajay Bista, Vijay Bhujel, Min Dhimal, Govind Karki, Poorna Chongbang and Tirth Basnet scored goals. Police goalkeeper Balmiki Rai was declared the man of the match. He was given a cash prize of 2,100.

The organizers have informed that tomorrow there will be a match between APF Pakli and IRFC Kathmandu. The winning team of the competition will receive 1 lakh 11 thousand 111 in cash, while the runner-up will receive 55 thousand 555 rupees.

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