FULL TIME. India plays yet another draw. India have two points from two matches. They will meet Nepal on October 10.


SL GK and a defender are down. Medical attention is required.


8 minutes of added time.


What a chance for IND. Subhashish wastes a brilliant goal scoring chance.


Five minute remaining. Oh, What a defending game from SL.


Time is ticking away, Pressure starts to mount on India. They are still goalless.


Corner kick to IND, good kick is taken but Farukh shoots the ball above the bar.


Just 10 mins to go. IND 0 SL 0.

SL have defended well today. 15 minutes to go to kill the match. India will be in trouble if this score line hangs on.

India coach Igor is confronting with the referee Sayyodjon. He is shown a yellow card. Looks like he has started feeling the burn.

If Sunil Chhetri scores today, he will level the records of Pele (77th international goals). IND have made two subs here. Coach Igor is eager for goals. 
Free kick to SL, Long cross in, IND lanky GK Gurpreet catches the ball but referee whistles for a foul against him. IND 0 SL 0.

Free kick to India, Good position. Right at the edhe of the box, lack of coordination. Counter move from SL, Kavindu cross is well cleared by IND GK Gurpreet.

What a great chance that IND missed. Quick corner kick, Subhasish Bose goes for a header, misses the direction. IND 0 SL 0

30 mins remaining on the clock, India are still locking horns against Sri Lanka at 0-0.


You can say this is one sided game. India are still dominating the field. However they are bereft from goals.

Free kick to IND. Aniruddh Thapa takes the kick, Sunil Chhetri header is hardly punched out by GK Sujan. Corner kick to IND. They are desperate for the first blood.

Five minutes into the break. IND 0 SL 0. What's your final prediction?


Good move from India. Good cross from the fank by Liston, SL GK Sujan saves the ball.


Second half starts..


HALF TIME. India 0 Sri Lanka 0. Stick with us for second half action.


Corner kick to IND. Aniruddh takes the kick, Subhasish Bose finds the header but wide. 4 mins of additional time.

 Suresh Singh (IND) is yellow carded for a foul. IND 0 SL 0.

Five minutes remaining for a break. IND 0 SL 0.

India are ranked 107, Sri Lanka are in 205. Nepal coach AA thinks that FIFA Ranking is a lie. What do you say ?

Free kick to IND. Aniruddh takes the kick. SL GK Sujan nicely punches the ball in. IND 0 SL 0.

Good cross into the box, an experienced goalie Sujan rightly judges the ball and grabs it into the hands. He is laying down the field. He looks injured. Medical attention is required.
30' Corner kick to IND, Aniruddh takes the kick, short kick to Udanta, too ambitious shot. He apologized for his kick. 30 mins gone, India 0 Sri Lanka 0. India have more ball possession but they are well defended by Lankans.
IND trying hard for a breakthru, SL trying hard for defending. Looks like we will see goal anytime soon, before the lemon break. What do you say ? #INDSRI #SAFFCup2021 #GOAL #NEPAL
Seriton crosses the ball, Liston beats SL defense line, free header but he finds his shoulder, ball goes above the bar. #INDSRI #SAFFCup2021 #GOAL #NEPAL

India is dominating the field. They look aggressive today. So far, 0-0. Stick with GoalNepal for play-by-play.

Free kick to IND, Aniruddh Thapa takes the kick, Asikur Rahuman heads the ball out from the box.

10 mins gone, India 0 Sri Lanka 0.


Bright, sunny day out here in Male city. Sri Lanka has already lost two matches. India have drawn their first. Win for Sri Lanka is a must whereas India can't afford it to loose


Ashikur Rahman from SL is yellow carded for a foul. Free kick to IND. Aniruddh takes the kick, good save by GK Sujan.

Both teams are all set to enter the field.

Sri Lanka: Sujan Perera, Nicholus Harsa, Duckson Puslas, Charitha Bandara, Kavindu ishan, Asikur Rahuman, Dillon Senan, Chalana Chamera, Ahmed Waseem, Marvin Hamilton, Jude Supan

India: Gurpreet Singh (GK), Sunil Chhetri (C), Rahul Bheke, Subhasish Bose, Seriton Benny, Anirudh Thapa, Glan Peter, Udanta, Mandar Rao, Liston Colaco, Suresh Singh

Hello and Namaste. Welcome to you all from Male, Maldives. This is Sri Lanka Vs India.

Sri Lanka
Sn. Match Status Result Date & Time Venue
Group Stage
1 Bangladesh - Sri Lanka Played 1 - 0 2021-10-01 Male
2 Maldives - Nepal Men's Team Played 0 - 1 2021-10-01 Male
3 Bangladesh - India Played 1 - 1 2021-10-04 Male
4 Nepal Men's Team - Sri Lanka Played 2 - 2 2021-10-04 Male
5 Sri Lanka - India Played 0 - 0 2021-10-07 Male
6 Maldives - Bangladesh Played 2 - 0 2021-10-07 Male
7 Maldives - Sri Lanka Played 1 - 0 2021-10-10 Male
8 Nepal Men's Team - India Played 0 - 1 2021-10-10 Male
9 Bangladesh - Nepal Men's Team Played 1 - 1 2021-10-13 Male
10 Maldives - India Played 1 - 3 2021-10-13 Male
Sn. Match Status Result Date & Time Venue
1 Nepal Men's Team - India Played 0 - 3 2021-10-16 Male
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1 India 4 3 8
2 Nepal Men's Team 4 1 7
3 Maldives 4 0 6
4 Bangladesh 4 -1 5
5 Sri Lanka 4 -3 1
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