FULL TIME. Sankata Club ousts MMC 1-0 to enter semifinals.


Four minutes of added time.


GOALLLLLLL!!!!! Ernest provides lead to Sankata. Sankata CLub are 1-0 against MMC.


Ernest is injured.


Bishal Rai goes for bicycle kick. Can MMC take a lead here? Opps! The ball drops infront of Sankata goalie Binay Shrestha.


Cedric Aba is yellow carded for a foul to Anil Gurung.


Free kick to Sankata, Bishwo Adhikari kicks the ball straight to the legs of MMC goalie Deep Karki.


Five minutes into the second half, MMC 0 Sankata Club.


Second half kicks off.


HALF TIME. MMC 0 Sankata Club 0.


Two minutes of added time.


Thirty minutes gone, MMC 0 Sankata Club 0.


Bishwo Adhikari looks injured.


Karna Limbu shoots the ball from inside D-box. Can he score goal here? Ohhh he misses a lovely chance to score as his shot goes inches above.


We can see good turn out here at Dharan Stadium.


Twenty minutes gone, both teams are yet to score any goal. Which team do you think will score first?


Bimal Basnet sets up a pass to Anil Gurung, Gurung's shot is easily grabbed by Sankata goalie.


Hemanta Thapa Magar directs the ball to the target from just outside the box but it goes out of the target.


Heman Gurung releases ball to Karna Limbu, Karna to Sujal. Ohhh!! Sujal misses a beautiful chance here.


Heman Gurung shoots a long ball but it goes straight to the hands of Sankata goalie Binay Shrestha.


Ten minutes gone, MMC 0 Sankata 0.


Corner kick to Sankata. Hemanta Thapa Magar curls the ball straight to the hands of MMC goalie Deep Karki. Karki punches the ball.


Corner kick to MMC. Heman Gurung takes the kick. No threat to Sankata.


Free kick to MMC.


Corner kick to Sankata, Hemanta Thapa Magar curls the ball, good clearance from MMC defense line.


Peep! Match kicks off.

Hosts Dharan FC will face Durgapur Steel, Kolkata in the second quarterfinal match tomorrow.

FIFA anthem echoes. Both teams are entering the pitch in the FIFA tune.

Players are lining up to enter the pitch.

MMC are in sky blue kit while Sankata are in red.

Kabin Byanjankar is the referee of the match.

Sankata First XI: Binay Shrestha(GK), Florent, Ernest, Saroj Dahal, Bhusan Subba, Biswo Adhikari, Rupesh KC, Cedric Aba, Prakash Budathoki, Hemant Thapa Magar, Raj Poudel.

Both teams have completed their warm up session.

MMC First XI: Deep Karki(GK), Biraj Maharjan, Bimal Basnet, Ravi Thapa, Solo, Sujal Shrestha, Bishal Rai, Heman Gurung, Victor, Anil Gurung(C), Karna Limbu.

Both teams are out for warm up.

Opening ceremony is about to begin. 30 paragliders will land at the stadium to entertain the crowd in the opening ceremony.

Budha Subba Gold Cup is one of the prestigious tournament of Nepal.

This is the opener of RedBull 20th Budha Subba Gold Cup.

Hello and Namaskar! GoalNepal.com welcomes you all to the LIVE text commentary of the Manang Marshyangdi Club Vs Sankata Club.

Manang Marshyangdi Club
Sankata Club
Sn. Match Status Result Date & Time Venue
1 Manang Marshyangdi Club - Sankata Club Played 0 - 1 2018-02-03 Dharan
2 Dharan FC - Durgapur Steel FC Played 2 - 2 2018-02-04 Dharan Stadium
3 Nepal Police Club - Kakarvitta Football Training Centre Played 2 - 0 2018-02-05 Dharan Stadium
4 Three Star Club - Far Western SC Played 1 - 0 2018-02-06 Dharan Stadium
Sn. Match Status Result Date & Time Venue
Semi Final
1 Nepal Police Club - Sankata Club Played 2 - 1 2018-02-07 Dharan Stadium
2 Three Star Club - Durgapur Steel FC Played 1 - 0 2018-02-08 Dharan
Sn. Match Status Result Date & Time Venue
1 Three Star Club - Nepal Police Club Played 0 - 0 2018-02-10 Dharan Stadium
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1 Three Star Club 3 6 9
2 Nepal Police Club 3 2 6
3 Sankata Club 2 0 3
4 Dharan FC 1 0 1
5 Durgapur Steel FC 2 -1 1
6 Manang Marshyangdi Club 1 -1 0
7 Kakarvitta Football Training Centre 1 -2 0
8 Far Western SC 1 -4 0
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