Province 3 Ward number 4 Clinches Title Of Hetauda 6th Mayor Cup Football Tournament
Bikram Baniya Chhetri

Hetauda sub-metropolitan ward number 4 has won the title of 6th Mayor Cup Football Tournament 2080.

Ending the challenge of Hetauda-14 in sudden death, Hetaunda-4 wrote its name in the title of the fourth edition.

In sudden death, winning by 6-5 goal difference, the winning team received 2 lakh rupees along with the title, while the runner-up team was forced to settle for 1 lakh 50 thousand rupees in cash.

After the scheduled 90 minutes ended in a 1-1 draw, the game was decided by a penalty shootout. The winner was decided by sudden death after the tie breaker was tied 2-2.

In the 62nd minute of the game, Dipesh Bhandari took the lead on behalf of the champion team. With 10 minutes remaining in the match, Anup Rana Magar scored a goal for the runner-up team and tied the game.

While Manoj Lama and Dipesh Bhandari scored for the winning team in the tiebreaker, Anish Maharjan, Krishna Lama and Niraj Deula missed the goal. While Sajan Khadgi, Sasil Deula, Niraj Deula and Alif Deula scored for Hetaunda-4 in sudden death, Gambhir Thing missed the goal.

On behalf of Hetauda-14, Manish Ghalan and Dorje Lama scored in the tie breaker, while Anup Ranamar, Pratap Thokar and Rehan Lama's shots were wasted. In sudden death, Asmir Gongba, Dowa Lama, Pasang Lama scored while Sudip Gole and Susiwan Ghalan missed the goal.

Hetaunda-4 player Anish Maharjan was declared the best player in the competition. He received Rs 10,000 in cash. Hetaunda-4 goalkeeper Niraj Deula, midfield Dipesh Bhandari, coach Shankar Khadg, forward Anup Rana Magar of Hetaunda-14 and defender Suvin Dhamala, Vishwas Bholan of Hetaunda-15 were declared the top scorers. All the best received 5/5 thousand rupees.

In the competition, Hetauda Ward No. 15 stood third and Ward No. 13 stood fourth. Both teams received Rs 50,000 and Rs 25,000 respectively.

The winners and runners-up, the best players and coaches of the competition were distributed by Mayor Meenakumari Lama, Deputy Mayor Rajesh Baniya and the organizer Hetaunda City Sports Development Committee Chairman Ravindra Ghimire.

19 wards of Hetaunda participated in the competition which was conducted from Chait 24th at Piplecampa stadium located in Hetaunda-5.

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