News South Asia: Kazi Salahuddin Re-elected President Of Bangladesh FF

Kazi Salahuddin has been re-elected the president of Bangladesh football federation.

He was retained in the post on Sunday after delegates gave him the mandate for another four year term.

According to the Daily Star, he shurgged off the challenge from Badal Roy and Shafiqul Islam Manik.

Salahuddin, also president of South Asian Football Federation, was the strong candidate since the announcement of the withdrawal of Roy, who was completely silent during the election process. He had submitted his withdrawal letter after deadline but started communicating with the delegates on Thursday, just two days before the election.

Roy, who was paralysed followed a brain haemorrhage in 2017 and did not turn up to t election venue yesterday, had urged the delegates to make it a silent revolution to bring change in the BFF leadership. But the delegates gave Salahuddin another chance to complete his unfinished work of past 12 years.

It was not only Salahuddin who shone in the much-hyped polls, his panel completely outplayed the integrated panel, who had called for a campaign to bring a change and was hopeful of seizing on the important posts. Instead the Salahuddin-led panel secured the senior vice-president's post as well as three vice-president posts.

Abdus Salam Murshedy, too, retained his leadership as the senior vice-president for the fourth successive term by outvoting Sheikh Mohammad Aslam by 91 to 44 votes.

Salahuddin's combined panel also won three out of four vice president posts.

From Daily Star

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