News Bara: Birgunj United Enters SFs Of 3rd Manarhwa Gold Cup

By defeating Bharatpur Football Club in a tiebreaker, Birgunj United Club has entered the semi-finals of the third ongoing Manharwa Gold Cup in Bara.

Birgunj defeated Bharatpur by 5-4 in a tiebreaker in the match held on Monday at Mouwadevi Maidan located at Jeetpur simra 18.

After both teams tied 2-2 at the scheduled time, the result was decided by tie breaker. Shyam Chaudhary, Bipin Magar, Sanjay Chaudhary, Vishal Khadka and Sagar Chaudhary of Birganj scored goals in the tiebreaker. Sandeep Century, Vikesh Magar, Suraj Chhetri and Ganesh Himal scored for Chitwan, but Roshan Chhetri's shot failed to find the net.

Earlier, in the 20th minute of the match, Bharatpur took the lead through Roshan Chhetri's goal. Bharatpur's lead was equalized by Birgunj's Amar Dangol in the 34th minute of the game.

Ganesh Hamal of Bharatpur scored a goal in the 38th minute and gave the team the lead again after the game was tied. But in the 43rd minute, Birganj scored an equalizing goal. Udit Choudhary scored a goal for Birganj and brought the match to 2-2.

Both teams failed to score in the second half of the competitive game and the match was pushed to a tiebreaker. Bharatpur's Roshan Chhetri was declared the man of the match. Birganj, who have eliminated Bharatpur, will now compete with the host Mouvadevi Yuva Club for entry to the finals. After defeating Hariwan in the opening match of the tournament, the organizers decided to travel to the last four.

As part of the competition, a match will be played between former winners Nava Durga Youth Club Simara and Right Lane Bagmati Youth Club Sarlahi on Tuesday.

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