News 6th Father Moran Memorial Inter School Championship, Lalitpur: Day 3 Recap

The 26th Father Moran Memorial Inter School Championship in Lalitpur witnessed an action-packed day with four thrilling matches that kept football enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

Match No. 17 @ 9:00 AM: William Public School, Sunakothi vs. Kalyan Eng. Sec. School, Dhapakhel

The opening match of the day saw a closely contested battle between William Public School and Kalyan Eng. Sec. School, ending in a 1-1 draw. Kabir Tamang netted a goal for William Public School, while Rishab Ranabhat equalized for Kalyan School. Unish Ghale Magar of Kalyan School was awarded the Player of the Match for his outstanding performance.

Match No. 18 @ 10:20 AM: GEMS School, Dhapakhel vs. Sahid Dharma Bhakta School, Nakkhu

In the second match, Sahid Dharma Bhakta School dominated GEMS School with an impressive 8-0 victory. Anup Ghaja Magar stole the show with a hat-trick, supported by goals from Ramit Sonar, Sangam Tamang, Ajaya Shahi, and Anmol Jimi. Anup Ghaja Magar earned the Player of the Match title for his exceptional contribution.

Match No. 19 @ 11:40 AM: Pushpanjali Secondary School, Taukhel, Godawari vs. St. Xavier’s School (Red)

The third match ended in a 1-1 draw between Pushpanjali Secondary School and St. Xavier’s School (Red). Adarsh Sapkota scored for Pushpanjali, while Nirab Maharjan found the net for St. Xavier’s. Aarav Jung Basnet of St. Xavier’s School (Red) was named the Player of the Match for his standout performance.

Match No. 20 @ 1:30 PM: Surya Sikshya Sadan School, Godamchaur, Godawari vs. St. Xavier’s School, Jhapa

The final match of the day witnessed St. Xavier’s School, Jhapa, securing a 4-1 victory against Surya Sikshya Sadan School. Anuskar Acharya scored for Surya Sikshya Sadan, while Aasish Samba, Darshil Ban, and Bedanta Dhamala contributed to St. Xavier’s win. Atharva Ghimire of St. Xavier’s School, Jhapa, was declared the Player of the Match.

The championship continues to unfold with exciting matchups, showcasing the exceptional talent and sportsmanship of the participating schools. Football enthusiasts eagerly await the upcoming fixtures in this prestigious tournament.

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