News Sindhupalchowk: Baruwa, Lagarche, Thangpaldhap A Enter QFs Of 2nd Panchpokhari Thangpal Rural Municipality Cup
Saroj Shrestha

Baruwa, Lagarche, Thangpaldhap A & B, Thangpalkot A & B, Bhotang A and B have entered quarterfinals of 2nd Panchpokari Thangpal rural municipality cup in Sindhupalchowk.

Baruwa have entered quarterfinals as winner & Lagarche as runners up from group A.

From Group B, Thangpalkot 'B' & Thangpaldhap 'A' entered last eight as group winner and group runners up.

Bhotang 'A' & Thangpaldhap 'B' have enterd quarterfinals from Group C & Bhotang 'B' & Thangpalkot 'A' from group D.

Tomorrow in 1st quarterfinal match, Baruwa will play against Thangpaldhap 'B'. In other matches, Thangpalkot 'B' will meet Thangpalkot 'A', Bhotang 'A' will meet Lagarche & Bhotang 'B' will play against Thangpaldhap 'A'.

Pachpokhari Thangpal sports development committee is organizing the tournament.

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