News Kaski: Surya Tara Club Talchok & Nepal Sports Federation Gandaki Organizing Sports Festival
Umesh Pun

Surya Tara Club Talchok and Nepal Sports Federation Gandaki jointly organized the sports festival in the first week of March. Different types of games will be held in the sports festival organized at Bhandar Dhik in Lekhnath.

Speaking at a press conference held in Pokhara to inform about the sports festival, program coordinator Bishnu Pun said that they are going to promote tourism through sports by developing institutions in the sports sector. The organization established in the year 2075 initially organized a volleyball match with a silver trophy, but due to the recent decline in the football game, they are going to organize a sports festival giving priority to football.

According to him, football is the main attraction of sports. He said that football will be the main sport among the different 6 categories.

"We have seen futsal games now, we have also seen seven-a-side football games played in Pokhara, but futsal and seven-a-side football games can't only develop the game. We need full sized games too," he said. We are doing it.'

Pokhara 29 Lekhnath located in Bhandardhik sports ground as the proposed Bhandardhik Stadium, Pun said that the competition is going to be held. The winner of the football tournament in the sports festival from 3rd to 11th of Chaitra will receive three lakh three thousand 333 rupees in cash. The runner-up will receive one lakh 77 thousand 777 rupees.

The best player of the tournament, the highest scorer, the best goalkeeper and the most disciplined team will receive Rs 7,777 in cash.

He said that only 16 teams will be given place in the competition.

"Many clubs are saying that we should be allowed to play, but we will only give place to the 16 clubs that come initially," he said.

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