News 8th Birat Gold Cup From Chaitra 15

8th Birat Gold Cup football tournament will be held from Chaitra 15-24 in Biratnagar.

According to Kishor Shahi, chairman of the organizer Birat Gold Cup Trust, 10 teams will participate in the competition. He said that the decision of the participating teams has not yet been made.

According to him, this time also the competition will be held under lights.

This time the prize money of the competition has been reduced by half. The winner of the competition will get Rs 11 lakh and the runner-up will get Rs 5 lakh.

Last year, the winner received a prize of 20 lakh 15 thousand and the runner-up received a prize of 1 million. The chairman of the trust, Shahi, said that the amount of the prize was reduced this year due to the loss incurred during the organization of the Gold Cup last year.

The Gold Cup, which was started in the year 2018 B.S under the name of then King Mahendra, has been held under the name of Birat Gold Cup since 2068 after changing its name after the public movement of 2062/063.

Last year, Biratnagar won the title in the final match between Biratnagar Football Club and Luca Soccer Club of Kerala, India.

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