News NRT Wins Title Of 1st NRNA Ilam Gold Cup

New Road Team NRT won the title of the first NRNA Ilam Gold Cup.

NRT won the title by defeating Birtamod United Jhapa. In the tiebreaker, NRT's goalkeeper Priso helped the team to win the title after blocking two shots with an excellent performance.

Even though Jhapa's goalkeeper Sandeep Limbu stopped 1 goal, it was not enough for victory.

The match went to a tiebreaker after a goalless draw at the scheduled time. In which NRT won by 4-3 goal.

Team NRT, the winner of the competition organized by Red Horse Club Ilam, received 5 lakh rupees in cash and a trophy. The runner-up, Jhapa, received 3 lakh rupees in cash and a trophy.

Rohan Karki from Jhapa has been declared the best player. Navayug Shrestha of Ilam became the top scorer. He scored four goals during the tournament.

The best goalkeeper Prino of NRT, defender Sanjit Rai of Jhapa, midfielder Yogesh Gurung of Jhapa, best forward Rajeev Lopchan of NRT and emerging player Redhorse goalkeeper Vivek Magar have been declared. They received NRs 10,000 each.

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