News Wai Wai 3rd Barahkshetra Gold Cup: Shantinagar FC Enters SFs

On the second day of the Wai Wai 3rd Barahkshetra Gold Cup, an exciting showdown unfolded as Shantinagar FC clashed with BSK FC from India.

The match, marked by compelling action, saw Suraj Raut of Shantinagar FC breaking the deadlock with a goal in the second half. In a display of equalizing prowess, Faizel of BSK FC found the back of the net during the same period.

The full-time whistle blew with both teams deadlocked at 1-1. Consequently, the outcome of this thrilling encounter was determined by a penalty shootout. It was in this tense moment that Ranik and Angel of BSK FC faltered, missing their penalty shots.

In a dramatic turn of events, Shantinagar FC emerged triumphant in the penalty shootout, triumphing over BSK FC with a score of 4-2. With this victory, Shantinagar FC secured their place in the semifinals.

A special mention goes to Aakash Rai of Shantinagar FC, who was awarded the title of Man of the Match for his outstanding performance.

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