News FIFA World Cup Qualifiers: Nepal Can't Take Laos Lightly

In a pivotal FIFA World Cup qualifiers matchup scheduled for October 12th, Nepal is set to clash with Laos at the renowned Dasharath Stadium.

While Laos may be positioned lower in the FIFA rankings, the Nepali side would be wise not to underestimate their opponents.

Notably, during the recent Tri-Nation Cup, Nepal faced Laos and emerged victorious, ultimately securing the championship. Nonetheless, there are five compelling reasons why Nepal should approach this encounter with the utmost seriousness.

Firstly, Laos is guided by a seasoned German coach, adding a layer of tactical expertise to their approach. In contrast, Nepal is under the guidance of an Italian coach.

Furthermore, Nepal has assembled a youthful squad, with just five seasoned players incorporated into the team. This suggests that they may lack the depth of experience that Laos potentially possesses, making the match a more evenly balanced contest.

In summary, while the FIFA rankings may place Laos in a lower tier, the appointment of a German coach and Nepal's reliance on a youthful squad, coupled with their recent Tri-Nation Cup victory, underscore the importance of Nepal approaching the upcoming match with the utmost respect and preparedness.

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