News GoalNepal Supporters Donate Nrs 15,000 To Referee Santosh Chaudhary Through GoalNepal Foundation

GoalNepal supporters from USA have donated Nrs 15,000 to referee Santosh Chaudhary through GoalNepal Foundation.

Referee trio, Subash Thapa (Miami), Sagar Khadka (Massachusetts) and Bikram Subba (Kentucky) jointly donated Nrs 15,000 to referee Chaudhary, who
recently lost his home and land in a flood.

GoalNepal US ambassador Jitu Kaka Basnet initiated the campaign.

CEO of Biba Media Group Mr. Bikram Thapa has thanked ambassador Jitu Kaka and three others for their support.

"GoalNepal is committed for the development of Nepalese football. We have always stepped in when players, referees and the officials were in need of support. We hope this support will heal the pain of referee Chaudhary", said Thapa.

If you want to support referee Chaudhary, please contact in following numbers:

प्रदिप बस्नेत 9806012556

लोकराज ढुङ्गाना 9806057307

श्याम दनुवार 9844686161

लखन जसवाल 9842743013

लिला बास्कोटा 9817097202

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