News Why The Newly Constructed Nepalgunj Stadium Isn't Handed Over For Playing ?

The newly contructed Nepalgunj stadium hasn't been used for playing.

National sports council hosted national games in province 5 two months ago. But the physical infra that was built for the games haven't been opened for public.

Banke DFA just hosted district league in a dusty field. DFA president Bhojraj Shahi wasn't happy with the move. He demanded the use of the stadium for the game.

But provincial chief of NSC, Bhim Oli said that the conractors were yet to hand over the facilities.

"We haven't made the directives of usage for the facilities. Also the contractors haven't handed over the facilities to the government. Once they will hand over the facilities to the government, we will make directives and will open for playing", said Oli.

NSC member secretary said that they would hand over the facilities to province 5 office once the work is completed.

Nepal government has invested Nrs 25 Crore for the construction of football stadium, shooting range, swimming pool and other facilities.

Nepalgunj sub metro has also showed its interest to maintain the facilities.

Pic: Nepalgunjnews

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