News GoalNepal To Buy Proper Equipment For Ice Baths For Nepalese Football Players

GoalNepal foundation has decided to buy at least five buckets used for ice bath for Nepalese football players. 

GoalNepal Foundation, a CSR wing of GoalNepal, is stepping up for this project.

GoalNepal CEO Bikram Thapa has appealed Nepalese football fans to join hands for this project. 

“We can’t always be laggards. We have to move and we have to stand atop.

"If concerned authorities aren’t able to manage things for our players, we are always there for them. Let’s team up”, said CEO Thapa. 

GoalNepal will soon publish details on how we can move for this project.

FYI, we have decided to buy pool like this one. 
If you are interested, send your email to

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