News Terahthum: Five Matches Played In Madan Mela 2081
Ramesh Samadarshi

On the occasion of the historic Madan Mela 2081 held at the local Tri Mohan Mavi sports ground, five men's matches were completed on Monday.

In the first match, Fombo Awazung Kalyan Samaj won by defeating Mulpani FC by 6-0. In which Sant Limbu, Sushil Limbu and Dipesh Limbu scored 2 goals each.

In the second match, the Atharai Rural Municipality team won by defeating Mahadev Awi by 4-1. Atharai, who took the lead with the gift of Mahadev Avika Chhiring Sherpa's own suicide goal, kept constant pressure.

Deepak Pahim, Arjun Limbu, Subat Limbu scored goals for Atharai Rural Municipality, while only Vivek Vick scored a consolation goal for Mahadev Awi.

Likewise, in the third match, Chuhandanda 6 defeated Ewa Sports Development Committee by a narrow margin of 1-0. For him, Basant Limbu hit Shakti Limbu and scored a goal.

Similarly, in the fourth match today, Miteri Club won with the gift of a suicide goal by Lungchuta Club Chatedhunga. The team was disappointed when Chatedhunga's Sanjip Rai hit the net of his own goalpost with the ball.

In today's final match, Lafa Club Ewa and Hukpa Chongbang Kalyan Sangh Khamlalung played a goalless draw at the scheduled time. The game was decided by a tiebreaker. Khamlalong won by 5-4 after the tie breaker.

Organizers said that there will be two matches on Tuesday.

27 men's teams and 6 women's teams are participating in the Madan Mela, which has been going on since 2015 B.S. The winner of the men's side will receive a cash prize of 2 lakhs and the winner of the women's side will receive a running trophy with 80,000.

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