News Preparation Completed For Nepal Super League 2.0

Preparations for the franchise football Nepal Super League NSL to be held in Kathmandu from Friday have been completed.

Director of NSL Shreyans Karki has announced that all the preparations have been completed days before the start of the tournament while holding a press conference in Kathmandu on Wednesday evening.

"Now we are days away from the NSL, all the preparations have been completed," he said at the press conference, "Foreign players have arrived. There are some big names. There are foreign coaches. Iconic category. The players who have gone aboad have also returned.

Due to the corona virus infection, the first season was held without the presence of spectators. This time the audience will be present at the stadium.

Karki said that stadium DJs and cheerleaders will also be included in the NSL for the entertainment of the audience. In the opening ceremony of the competition, Sushant KC, Twini Girls and Wangden Sherpa will give an entertaining performance.

Karki said that many supporters are excited because legend footballer Didier Drogba will also come to Kathmandu during the NSL. Although the date of Drogba's return to Nepal has not been decided due to family reasons, Karki informed that he will come to Nepal in the middle of the tournament.

The matches of the one-month competition will be telecast live on Himalaya Television. IME Pay is the ticketing partner.

The matches of this tournament with 9 teams will be held at Dashrath Stadium. After all the teams play against each other, the top two teams will play the qualifiers and the third and fourth teams will play the eliminators.

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