News Morang: Ward Number 9 Wins Title Of 4th Sundaharaicha Mayor's Cup

Ward No. 9 has succeeded in winning the title of the 4th Sundarharaicha Mayor's Cup Inter Ward Futsal Tournament.

Ward No. 9 defeated Ward No. 10 in the title match at Planet Futsal located in Biratchok, Morang and became the champion.

Ward No. 9, who became the winner, won 51,000 cash with the title, while the runner-up Ward No. 10 was forced to settle for a trophy, medal and certificate with 25,000 cash.

Anish Khawas of Ward No. 9 was selected as the best player in the individual category. He received cash 1500 and a trophy for that. Rubin Bhujel of Ward No. 9 was declared the best goalkeeper. The budding player was also declared Gagan Karki of Ward No. 9.

All those who excelled in the individual category won 1000-1000 hands. Similarly, ward number 11 became the fair play team of the competition.

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