News Taplejung: Sirijunga Gold Cup from November 25-29

On the occasion of the 319th birth anniversary of Teangsi Sirijunga Sing Thebe, the third iteration of the Sirijunga Mela and Sirijunga Gold Cup is scheduled to take place in the heart of Sirijunga Rural Municipality, Taplejung, centered around the town of Telok.

Arjun Bhattarai, the President of the Telok Sporting Club, has announced that the Telok Sporting Club will host the Sirijanga Mela along with an Open Men's Football and Badminton Tournament from November 25th to 29th. The sporting events will unfold at the Telok Mavi Stadium. The victorious football team will be honored with a prestigious trophy, medals, certificates, and a cash prize of NPR 2,02,201. The runner-up team will also receive a trophy, medals, certificates, and financial recognition. Additionally, the title of "Man of the Match" will be bestowed upon exemplary players in each match. President Bhattarai has revealed that exceptional athletes across four categories will be rewarded with medals, certificates, and cash prizes.

The football tournament will be open to only eight participating teams. Bhattarai has also stressed that football clubs interested in participating must complete the registration process by November 10th, and the game schedule will be unveiled by November 15th.

A Budget Proposal of Approximately 22 Lakhs for the Festival

An estimated expenditure of NPR 21,60,000 has been proposed for the Sirijanga Mela. Dinesh Bhattarai, the treasurer of the club, has disclosed that financial support requests have been extended to government agencies, organizations, and potential sponsors to facilitate the festival. The event is envisioned as an opportunity to showcase and promote locally produced goods. Ranjit Mavo, the club's secretary, has indicated that the festival will feature entertainment programs featuring both national and local artists, as well as ethnic tableau exhibitions that celebrate the cultural identity of the local community.

Sarijangasingh Thebe is revered as the proponent of the Kirant Limbu script, the pioneer of the Srijanga script, and the guardian of Yakthung culture, ethnic integrity, knowledge, and scholarly pursuits. The Sirijanga Rural Municipality holds significance as the birthplace of Tyengsi Sirijanga Singh Thebe. November 29 is also commemorated as the birth anniversary of Sirijanga Singh Thebe. The Sirijanga Memorial Society is the driving force behind this project, serving as its patron.

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