News Half-time Report: Sankata 1-1 MMC

Sankata and MMC have played a 1-1 draw at half-time in the Saturday afternoon kick-off in the Martyrs' Memorial A Division League.

Sankata took the lead through Niraj Basnet and Dayananda Singh equalised for Manang just three minutes later.

The match has been really interesting with end to end football on display on a sunny day in Kathmandu. The fans are also in good number in this off-day in the capital.

Niraj Basnet scored in two matches in a row to give Sankata the lead in the 32nd minute. The Laxman Ruchal ball was met by Niraj from close range in the far post. Bishal Sunar couldn't get to the ball and Niraj headed it home.

But just three minutes later, Dayananda Singh equalised for Manang. Olawale flicked th3 ball towards the six-yard box by meeting the ball in from the free kick which was then met by the Indian.

Not much other clear-cut chances have come at the expense of both teams. The match has been end to end though, with both teams playing vertically whenever possible.

Let's see what the second half has in store for us.

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