News FC Chitwan Hopes To Turn The Tide On Biratnagar City FC - PREVIEW
Sushil Thapa

Biratnagar City FC have to show that they are a rejuvenated side when they clash against bottom-placed FC Chitwan in the National Super League at Dashrath stadium Monday.

Despite playing out an absorbing 2-2 draw against Butwal Lumbini FC, they put on a good performance and proved themselves as serious contenders, once again. In a display of commitment and fighting spirit, they fought back twice after falling back to level the score.They played well overall.

They moved the ball effectively and used both flanks and midfield to good effect to initiate attacks. Although the defense had some shaky moments,they were able to regain composure, confidence and form.

Midfielder Santosh Tamang stood out, marshalling moves well and creating scoring opportunities, but even more importantly, his injury time goal saved the day for the team. Against FC Chiwan, they are heavily favored to win. If they play with the same mindset,pace,vigor,aggression, determination and game plan,they have a realistic chance to earn full
points and move up the table, boosting their playoff chances significantly.

They must, however, improve their finishing ability, defense needs to tidy up and consistency matters even more so. Should they falter, Biratnagar FC will definitely rue the missed chance which might prove to be costly in the later stages of the tournament.

FC Chitwan are down but not out by no means. Admittedly, things are not looking rosy for them at the moment. Undeniably they are in a very tight spot and battling to stay in the tournament. They are under pressure to deliver results. Everyone agrees that they cannot afford to concede another match, if they seriously want to challenge the playoff spots.

They have to put the latest setback into the right perspective and move ahead with a positive mindset.The coach has to keep the team motivated and get them going in the right direction regardless .

As for the team ,they will have to reinvigorate, reinvent themselves and maintain a laser focus and become productive.

In Biratnagar City they have a robust opponent that needs to be taken seriously. It is all about recovering and bouncing back after a tough loss.They have to learn from mistakes and give one hundred percent effort collectively and individually.

The Chitwan outfit needed to realise that they were punished for inept and lethargic performance.The attack was off, midfield failed to click and defense mightily struggled.

FC Chitwan must strike a winning combination to win the match. They will have to dig deep and come out with something special. If they succeed doing so, thry can turn the tide on their opponent.

By Sushil Thapa, Fairfax ,VA

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