News Football Lovers, Referee District Association Start Donating Money To Referee Santosh Chaudhary

Football lovers and referee association have started donating money to referee Santosh Chaudhary.

Chaudhary recently lost his home and land in a flood.

Jhapa district refereee association has initiated the fund raising campaign. GoalNepal is supporting the campaign.

According to referee Pradip Basnet, Krisha Lohar has donated Nrs 5,000, former referee Bharat Karki donated Nrs 5000, Madan Subba, father of player Rejin Subba, donated Nrs 5,000 and Sunsari referee district association donated Nrs 6,000 to Chaudhary so far.

If you want to contribute some amount, please contact in following numbers:

प्रदिप बस्नेत 9806012556

लोकराज ढुङ्गाना 9806057307

श्याम दनुवार 9844686161

लखन जसवाल 9842743013

लिला बास्कोटा 9817097202

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