News GoalNepal Foundation Supports Players From Remote Kalikot District

GoalNepal Foundation, a CSR wing of Biba Media Group, has supported a football club from Kalikot district with sporting gears. 

The foundation in association with NPO Real World provided 10 footballs plus other gears to Kalikot FC. 

The project was initiated by Singh Raj Shahi.

“On behalf of the club, we would like to thank GoalNepal and NPO Reale World for the support and guidance. We are very happy to receive the gears. Boys are very happy and motivated”, said Shahi adding that more support is needed.

AFC B licensed coach and former national player Bal Goal Sahukhala - who is associated with NPO Reale World, said he was glad to be part of GoalNepal mission.

CEO of GoalNepal foundation, Bikram Thapa said, “Our intention is to help young players move forward. We want them to play the game, enjoy. We want them to be confident and be role model in the village. Football can teach them a lot.

“On behalf of BMG & GoalNepal, I would like to thank NPO Real World for the support. Our special thanks goes to Ms Aya Miyosh Kizaki for the trust on GoalNepal and its projects. The support provided by them will encourage and motivate the players from remote village”.

GoalNepal is supporting youth academy, women football, district FAs, community schools, referees and coaches every month. It has reached out to 32 districts and is planning to complete project in all 77 districts.

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