News FIFA/AFC Will Slap Heavy Fine To ANFA If They Follow NSC Suit

FIFA/AFC will definitely slap a hefty fine to All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) if they follow National sports council suit.

National Sports Council (NSC) and Nepal Olympic Committee (NOC) hosted 13th SA Games with so many hiccups.

Mainly in football event, no procedures were followed. If ANFA follows NSC suit, FIFA/AFC will definitely slap a huge fine.

First, ticketing. Ticketing system needs to be reformed. It should be made transparent and accessible. Organizing regional meet and hosting FIFA World cup qualifiers are two different things.

Another thing is seating arrangement and volunteers in the stadium. ANFA should make sure ticket holders will sit in their seats. Volunteers should properly guide ticket holders in the stadium.

Third one is over selling of tickets or separating passes to the venue. This is not allowed when it comes to FIFA World cup qualifiers.

Fourth one is presence of large number of security personnel in the field (carrying guns). You don't see this in other parts of the world. AFC/FIFA will definitely raise this issue to ANFA during inspection.

FIFA/AFC won't spare ANFA for their negligence.

Three WC qualifiers are lining up:

Nepal Vs Chinese Taipei 3/26/20 

Nepal Vs Australia 3/31/20

Nepal Vs Jordan 6/4/20

All these matches will be played at Dasharath stadium.

ANFA needs to make sure they won't follow NSC suit otherwise they should be ready to unlock the coffer for the huge fine.

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