News Ilam: Mai Valley FC Register Win In District League

Mai Valley Football Club has become victorious in the ANFA Ilam District League.

Mai valley scored 3 points by defeating Helibodh FC by 2-1 in the big Tudikhel matchon Tuesday.

Helibodh was defeated because they could not save the initial lead. In the 21st minute of the game, Simon Limbu gave Halibodh the lead. Joel Rai, who entered the field as a substitute player, equalized the game in the injury time of the first half.

In the 15th minute of the second half, Sagar Neupane scored a penalty and gave Mai valley 3 important points.

On Wednesday, Jasbire and Redhorse Football Club and Deurali Sporting Club and Club Oasis will meet.

By winning Monday's game, Redhorse and Deurali have got the same 3/3 points. Jasbire and Club Oasis are without points.

Helibodh Football Club and Triveni Football Club will meet at the Chhatrabas playground of Deumai municipality. Triveni is playing its first match as Halibodh was defeated in today's match and remains without points.

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