News USA: Final Prep For Pittsburg Challenge Cup Completed

The final preparations for the Pittsburgh Challenge Cup in America for the current English year 2024 have been completed.

Arjun Chhetri, the coordinator of the organizing team of the Pittsburgh Challenge Cup, says that football is basically a game based on competition, which promotes mutual cordiality and social harmony.

The Pittsburgh Challenge Cup has been popular in America. The Pittsburgh Challenge Cup, which was held in America as its first edition, has a proud history. Basically keeping this heritage as the second and third edition Pathri Shanishare Municipal Ward 10, Morang, Nepal.

Local social worker Ganesh Thaklung Limbu is proud of the event organized in a proposed stadium in Pathari.

The active participation of local sports enthusiasts and the enthusiasm of the community to make the game successful in a grand and civilized sense has become a source of energy for Ganesh.

This event in USA is going to be held from 28-30 June 2024 in the city of Pittsburgh, USA, with the mandatory continuation and gradual development of this event.

Social activist Thaklung looks very happy to host the event in America. Organizing a game with national and international impact as a huge festival and carrying it out in a proper manner is not an easy task, but many helpful minds, brains and hands have made it easy, says activist Thaklung.

Diamond Sponsor Megh Subedi from Sejal & sister & Intra Foundation of America have added strength to the event.

As a prize in the game, the first and second place winners are provided with 10,000 and 6,000 US dollars respectively, trophies, medals and certificates in different categories.

The founder of the organization, Arjun Chhetri, who is excited about this, says that the interest, interest and enthusiasm of friends has made even difficult things easier.

In addition to the best results achieved during the game, the 'Man of the Match', 'Best Goal Keeper', 'Best Coach', 'Best Player', 'Best Forward', 'West Defender' and 'Best Midfielder' are also going to be honored on the field.

Since the consolation and prizes are managed with the arrangement, the Pittsburgh football tournament players are excited to participate.

The popularity of the Pittsburgh football tournament, which gained fame within a few days of its establishment, has grown everywhere. Mainly in Pittsburgh, America, it has become a competitive program with equal importance, standing as a game that can hypnotize many Nepalis.

Along with the organization, management and completion of the Pittsburgh football tournament, the competition has not only increased confidence among individuals, it has also increased cordiality, developed the habit of mutual cooperation and increased the feeling of deep friendship. This has strengthened the relationship between friends and has awakened respect for each other.

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