News Siraha:Golbazar Inter Ward Championship From Falgun 18

First Ward President's Cup competition has been announced.

Ward President Sukdev Singh held a press conference at his ward office Golbazar 2 Gurudham on Wednesday and announced the schedule of matches.

Singh said in a press conference that teams from all 13 wards of the municipality will participate in the tournament, which will be held from Falgun 18 to 30, with the slogan 'Sports is our pride, our campaign to produce local athletes'.

President Singh said that the ward has organized the competition in keeping with the desire of the local youth for sports. He said, 'Since the youth here have shown a desire for sports, the tournament is being organized from their ward budget.'

President Singh said that through sports, the identity of the individual and the nation can be enhanced and the youth can be saved from poverty.

On the first day of the competition, the opening match between Ward No. 7 and 12 will be held on the 18th, according to the organizers. Similarly, on the 19th, Ward No. 2 and 5, on the 20th, Ward No. 3 and 1, on the 21st, 4 and 11, on the 22nd, 6 and 9, on the 23rd, 10 and 13, and on the 24th, between Ward No. 8 and the winnin team.

In the competition, which is organized by the ward office and sponsored by Golbazar Municipal, the winner will receive 51,000 and the runner-up will receive a cup with 31,000 cash. According to the organizers, one man of the match will be announced in each match.

Similarly, the best players, goal keeper, mid fielder, defense, forward, goalkeeper and the highest goal scorer were also given special honors and prizes, according to the organizers.

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