News Lamjung: Triveni Yuwa Club To Honor SAMBA

In a heartwarming tribute to one of Nepal's football sensations, Triveni Yuwa Club is set to honor the remarkable achievements of Sabitra Bhandari, affectionately known as "Samba," in her hometown of Lamjung. The celebration is scheduled to take place on the eve of the 31st Triveni Cup final, an event that holds special significance for both the club and the local community.

Sabitra Bhandari, with her outstanding performances on the international stage, has not only brought glory to Nepal but has also made Lamjung proud. The honor program, organized by Triveni Yuwa Club, aims to acknowledge her contributions and showcase gratitude for elevating the country's name in the global football arena.

The event will unfold at the Sahaji Sports Ground, providing an opportunity for the residents of Lamjung, along with their fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters, to join in the celebration. The club cordially invites the entire community to participate in the program, which precedes the much-anticipated Triveni Cup final.

The organizers express their heartfelt gratitude to Sabitra Bhandari and believe that her journey will inspire aspiring footballers in Lamjung to pursue their dreams relentlessly. The honor program promises to be a momentous occasion, blending pride, joy, and a shared love for the beautiful game.

Triveni Yuwa Club extends a warm welcome to everyone, urging the community to gather at the Sahaji Sports Ground to make the celebration memorable.

Let us come together to applaud the achievements of Sabitra Bhandari and witness the excitement of the Triveni Cup final, creating an unforgettable experience for Lamjung and its football enthusiasts.

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