News Kathmandu: GPAN Open Futsal Championship On Mangsir 11-12

The first GPAN FC open futsal tournament will be held on the 11th and 12th of Mangsir under the organization of Gurung Player Association of Nepal Pvt. Ltd. 

Along with the necessary preparations for the tournament to be held at Greenwich Futsal located in Kapan, the organizers informed that the team registration has also been opened until the 7th of Push.

In addition, the organizer also said that the team registration fee of 4000 and 1000 as deposit should be paid.

The winner of the two-day competition will receive 30,000 cash along with the title, while the runner-up will receive 10,000 and a trophy and medal.

Likewise, the organizers said that appropriate prizes have been arranged for the individual category as well.

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