News Newport County's Kiban Rai: I Feel Wales Is Where I Belong

Nepalese origin Kiban Rai told BBC that the dream was to play for Wales.

Rai made headlines last week when he became the first Nepalese male player to sign a professional contract in league 2 of English premier league.

"It's a big dream of mine to play for Wales one day," Rai says.

"I was born here; all my friends are from here - it just feels right for me. I feel like this is where I belong.", he was quoted as saying by BBC.

When BBC asked him about the news made back home in Nepal, he answered, "I don't want to get too caught up in things like that," Rai says with a smile, "but my parents will tell me.

"When they do, I do appreciate it. But the main thing for me is to stay focused, stay humble and work hard."

He also said that more players from different backgrounds can play professional football in UK.

"Hopefully, we can see more players from different backgrounds - not just Nepalese or Asian backgrounds - take a story like mine, become inspired and know that it is possible.", BBC stated him.

Rai was born and raised in Brecon, where his mother Indra and father Gaj settled as a result of the military barracks in the town.

He is leaving home this week and is preparing to move in with a couple of Newport team-mates, having become a senior pro.

"My dad is a British Gurkha," Rai says. "There is an army base in Brecon and that's where he was based. He served 22 years.

"Ever since he retired, for my football and everything else, he just thought it was the best decision to stay.", he told BBC.

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