News Khamlalung Football Stambha Gufa Mela 2078 Football Tournament LIVE On GoalNepal

On the occasion of the "Khamlalung Football Stambha Gufa Mela 2078" in Tehrathum, an open men's and women's football tournament will be held.

Dhan Naach, Sangini Naach, Badminton doubles, and Cultural programs will be held in addition to the football tournaments.

The winner of the men's tournament will receive Rs. 105,000, while the runner-up will receive Rs. 75,000.

The winner of the women's tournament will receive Rs. 60000, while the runner-up will receive Rs. 40000.

Entry fees for the teams have been set at Rs. 4000 and Rs. 2000 for men’s and women’s tournaments respectively.

The first match of the tournament is scheduled to be played on the 25th of November.

Every match will be brought to you live by GoalNepal.

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