News Gives Away Rs 5000/Goal To NRT Goal Scorers

One Nepalese football supporter from Europe had announced prize money for all NRT goal scorers during the AFC Presidents Cup Qualifiers held in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

But, the generous man didn’t want to be named.

However, he said, "My name and contribution is not that important. My small contribution might motivate, boost morale and provide encouragement to all the players. I feel players are sports ambassadors around the world.

"I want to see Nepalese football to come out on top. For that, every Nepalese ,where ever they are, has to support in every possible way.My contribution is very small as a brick to build a big house!" CEO, Bikram Thapa sent his special thanks to him. "We need a supporter like him to boost the morale of our players. Personally, special thanks for my side".

NRT won the match against Hasus NTCPE from Chinese Taipei 4-3.

The goal scorers are: Nabin Neupane, Ranjit Shrestha, Shayan Moshavi and Jeevan Sinkeman.

NRT General Secretary, Binaya Pradhan said, “We are very happy that our fan shows his kindness to the players. Our thanks also goes to for arranging this program”.

NRT Club president, Narendra Shrestha and other officials were presented at the ceremony.

The players also expressed their happiness.

“I am very happy to see such initiation fromone of our fans”, Nabin Neupane, on the behalf of all goal scorers said, “We must applaud his great effort. We are grateful to him (fan)”.

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