South Asia Unpleasant Second Matchday For South Asian Nations In The Qualifiers

The result of the South Asian nations in the AFC Asian Cup qualifiers on Saturday was not relatively pleasant. India, in Group D, have won for the second time in a row, while Sri Lanka, Maldives in Group C and Bangladesh in Group E have lost. their matches.

India beat Afghanistan 2-1 in Kolkata. India had earlier beaten Cambodia 2-0 in their first match. Hong Kong, who are in the same group, defeated Cambodia 3-0 on Saturday.

Afghanistan and Cambodia are out of the group stage with two defeats in a row. However, the two teams will face each other in the final match of the group stage on Tuesday. India and Hong Kong have the chance of qualifying. The two teams will also face each other in a decisive clash on Tuesday.

Sri Lanka in Group C lost 2-0 to Thailand while the Maldives in the same group lost 4-0 to Uzbekistan. Sri Lanka and the Maldives, who have suffered their second consecutive defeats, have also been eliminated from the group stage.

Bangladesh, in Group E, lost 2-1 to Turkmenistan in their second match of the group stage. Bangladesh lost their first match 2-0 to Bahrain. In the final match of the group stage, Bangladesh will face hosts Malaysia on Tuesday.


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