Province 1 Province 1 CM League FINAL: Belbari FC Morang Vs Sainik Youth Jhapa - PREVIEW

The final match of province 1 CM league will be played tomorrow at Dharan stadium.

The champions of Morang, Belbari FC is playing against the champions of Jhapa Sainik youth in the final match.

The champions will get Nrs 5 lakh and the runners up team will get Nrs 3 lakh.

The MVP will get Nrs 1 lakh and the best player in each department will get Nrs 25,000.

Check out the pre-match video HERE:

५ लाख ३ लाख १ लाख सर्बोतम खेलाडी सबै बिधा हरू तर्फ २५ हजार

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