News Transfers From January and Transfer Rumours For Premier League 2020 Season

With the season slowly beginning to continue, we are slowly seeing a number of the January traders show their worth.

With many performing amazingly alongside their new teams, we are looking back on the January transfers that have made a huge change to the league thus far as well as the effects that this could have ahead of the new
transfer window in the latter half of 2020.

Hakim Ziyech, From Ajax To Chelsea

Since agreeing to a contract with Chelsea at the beginning of the year he is set to join the blues on July 1 st . This is a deal that is worth a total of £33 million and is by far one of the biggest deals to come out of the January signing. He is set to make a huge impact to the team when he joins ahead of the resumption of the season making this one for Chelsea fans to be excited about at this time. This was Frank Lampard’s first signing for the blues and is set to see a huge impact as he continues to grow alongside his new teammates.

Giovani Lo Celso, From Real Betis to Tottenham

Another major trade that was completed towards the beginning of 2020 was the trade of Giovani Lo Celso to Tottenham. With a £27.2 million transfer, this has been a positive signing for Tottenham as he has scored two goals in his last 20 games in the team. Though the player was a loan initially, the club recent exercised the right to take him as a permanent fixture. This is a great signing that is set to blossom over the next five years as he begins to find his place in the starting team at this time.

Yan Couto, From Coritiba FC to Man City

Man City has by far been one of the best performing clubs so far in the year and is currently sitting at 2 nd in the league table at this time. With the signing of the 17-year-old Couto to the team, this is a promising transfer for the team. With a lot of fans hoping for him to be the new face of a much younger and exciting side for the team, all bets in the premier league are on this star to be the next big change. But with the season still on hold at this time, all bets are on whether or not the team can continue to close the gap with 1 st placed Liverpool.

David Luiz Contract extension With Arsenal

Though this is not a huge surprise for many, one of the biggest signings for Arsenal is looking to stay. With the club recently agreeing to a contract extension for the star player. However, rumours are circulating the internet that this is only a 12-month contract on reduced terms. However, with the signature yet to be on the contract, only time will tell what these final terms will be. But with this signing comes excitement for the fans as they are hoping to restart the season well.

Aubameyang And His Future With Arsenal

Another transfer rumour to also come out of Arsenal is the future of Aubameyang within the club. This is something that has several fans concerned at this time as the resumption of the league may be the last time the league will see him play for Arsenal. As a great player within the league, Aubameyang carries a lot of weight with it. And with the poor performance of the team at Arsenal, it is looking likely that the superstar will leave. He has made a number of hints to want to leave the club at this time but has yet to make a move. However, a number of the sporting associations higher-ups have hinted that he is looking to join “a more ambitious club.” Many fans believe that Aubameyang will make the switch to a team that are more likely to win. With this in mind, there is a vast amount of change being made to the premier league that could shape the whole future of the season in 2021.

Which of these signings are you most excited to see?

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