News Nepal National Team Starts Prep For Chinese Taipei & Australia Clash

Nepal national team has started preparation for upcoming FIFA World cup qualifiers against Chinese Taipei, Australia and Jordan.

Nepal is hosting them at Dasharath stadium subject to COVID19 clearance from AFC/FIFA.

Coach Johan Kalin said it was good to be back on the pitch and commented on the less number of players turned out in the camp.

"Some clubs have released the players and some haven't. I hope we had agreement with the club but may be (might) Nepal is good enough so may be I misunderstood. But I hope to see the players soon. But it is still good to be back to the pitch", said Kalin in ANFA's mouth piece.

He also commented on the league and the players who have impressed in the league.

"I am excited to meet them in the pitch and look forward to see them how they behave in the training", he added.

"I hope to play home match. I have been year one and half but I haven't played home match. Upcomign matches are tough games. Our supporters are great. Hopefully they will give us extra energy", he added. 

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