News ANFA Spokesperson Kiran Rai: We Are Serious About Province 1 League

ANFA's exco member and spokesperson Kiran Rai said that they were serious about provincial league.

ANFA organized the press meet in Dharan on Thursday after some media reported that the event was organized in rainy season just to finish the budget allocated by province 1 government.  The government has allocated Nrs 1 crore budget for the event.

"We are serious about the development of the game. We are not just organizing this event to finish off the budget. We could have organized just one knockout tournament if our intention was ill. We want to set standard of the league. Yes, we did late to finalize the date but we haven't compromised with the quality of the event", said Rai.

He also mentioned that they would present expense report right after the event.

"We have maintained financial transparency. We will present expense report soon after the event. We are discouraged with some media report. You have to understand our passion and dedication for the development of the game", added Rai.

Check out what Rai said:

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