News Four District FAs Close To Mani Kunwar Holds Press Meet Accusing Current Leadership Of Wrongdoing in ANFA Election 


Four district FAs, Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, Dhadhing and Lalitpur held press meet in Kathmandu on Wednesday accusing current leadership of wrongdoing in ANFA election.

These districts are close to Mani Kunwar, who suffered defeat against Karma Tsering Sherpa in ANFA election early this year.

The officials also presented audio clip of current ANFA officials discussing “money separation” to district and club officials to lure votes for ANFA election.

“We have presented these evidences to AFC & FIFA”, said Lalitpur FA president Purushottam Thapa. 

“We have already informed about this issue to National sports council but they didn’t take any action”, added Thapa. 

The officials also provided phone script of conversation between ANFA officials & ANFA's honorary president Tashi Ghale.

Here is the video from press meet:

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