News 10-man Birgunj United Wins Title Of 2nd Lahan Mayor Gold Cup
Ramesh Samadarshi

Birgunj has successfully defended Lahan mayor gold cup title for the second time in a row.

In the final match held today at the Pashupati Adarsh Ma vi Stadium, Birganj stopped Siraha's Salhesh Yuwa Club in a tiebreaker and got a cash prize of 3 lakhs and an attractive trophy.

During the scheduled 90 minutes, both teams played a 1-1 draw. Ajit Chaudhary of Birganj scored a goal in the 13th minute of the game. However, Siraha's Abayomi returned the goal in the 15th minute to equalize the goal before Birganj could exchange the happiness of the goal. Meanwhile, in the 62nd minute of the match, Sanjay Chaudhary of Birganj was forced to leave the field after receiving a red card for his double yellow cards.

Birgunj, limited to 10 players, adopted a defensive strategy and did not allow Sirha to score more goals. Goal attempts by both teams were wasted. In the tiebreaker, Birgunj won by 3-1 goals.

Shyam Chaudhary, Ranjay Chaudhary and Kripa Chaudhary's shots turned into goals, but Sagar Chaudhary's shot was blocked by Siraha's goalkeeper Sagar Magar. Similarly, Sewe's shot from Siraha was converted into a goal, while Sunil Khadka's shot was saved by Birganj goalkeeper Dilmani Chaudhary. Captain Aman Lama and Abayomi's shots were out. Birganj's Bikas Chaudhary was the man of the match. He got 3 thousand in cash.

Ajit Chaudhary of Birganj was declared the best midfielder, Sagar Chaudhary the best forward, Dilmani Chaudhary the best goalkeeper. Similarly, Pravesh Danuwar of Siraha became the best defense and Sunil Khadka became the top scorer. They got 5000 each in cash.

Siraha captain Aman Lama became the best player of the Gold Cup and received Nrs 10,000 cash. Radheshyam Chaudhary of the organizer Him Kasturi Youth Club became the emerging player. He also got 5 thousand in cash. The winner of the second edition, Birganj, got 3 lakhs in cash, while the runner-up, Siraha, settled for 150,000 in cash. Lahan Municipality sponsored the Gold Cup.

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