News Tenzing Hillary Cup 2024 Leaves a Lasting Impression: Unity and Leadership Shine in Christchurch, New Zealand

In a powerful display of unity and leadership, the Tenzing Hillary Cup (THC) 2024 unfolded in Christchurch over the Waitangi Weekend (February 3-4, 2024), transcending its status as a typical football tournament.

Led by the Nepal New Zealand Friendship Society (NNZFSC), Nepal United Football Club, and the Tenzing Hillary Cup Committee, under the leadership of Subhash Rai, this event resonated deeply within the Nepali community in New Zealand.

The journey of THC 2024 began with a vision to create an extraordinary experience that would unite communities and elevate the spirit of football. Despite economic challenges, the NNZFSC's organizing team navigated the complexities of coordination, funding, and sponsor engagement with unwavering determination. Collaborating with sponsors like Home NZ, One Foundation, and Christchurch City Council, along with the support of countless volunteers, ethnic societies, and organizations, proved pivotal, reinforcing a collective commitment to community sports and cultural celebration.

THC 2024 wasn't just about football; it was a celebration of cultural exchange, featuring Nepalese cuisine, children in traditional attire singing National Anthems, and an inaugural Meet and Greet Dinner fostering camaraderie.

The tournament showcased gripping matches, culminating in Lhotshampa FC emerging as champions, Nepal United as runners-up, and Gurkha FC securing the third spot.

Beyond the thrill of competition, THC 2024 served as a platform for learning, bonding, and collective growth. Its legacy stands as a testament to the unifying power of sports, embodying the spirit of camaraderie and cultural diversity cherished by the Nepali diaspora in New Zealand.

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