News Bagmati Club, Sarlahi Kicks Off Preparations for C Division League; Paves the Way for Player Welfare

In anticipation of the upcoming C Division League, Bagmati Club of Sarlahi has enthusiastically commenced its preparations, marking a significant milestone for football enthusiasts in the region.

The All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) is set to organize the league across three locations outside the valley, creating a buzz of excitement among fans.

Kishmat Raj Mainali, the esteemed president of Bagmati Club, expressed the club's commitment to not only elevating its performance on the field but also ensuring the overall well-being of its players. In a groundbreaking move, the club has taken steps to provide job opportunities to its players, recognizing the importance of securing their future beyond the football pitch.

"We have recruited players who not only excel in the sport but also possess the potential to contribute significantly to the club's success. It's our responsibility to support them in various aspects of life," stated President Mainali.

Bagmati Club has implemented a comprehensive player welfare program, offering medical insurance coverage to the players and their families until their tenure with the team. This initiative underscores the club's dedication to the health and security of its players both on and off the field.

Furthermore, the club has committed to providing job opportunities for players post-retirement, ensuring a smooth transition into their professional careers beyond football. This forward-thinking approach aligns with the club's vision of nurturing talent not only as athletes but also as successful individuals in their respective fields.

As a token of appreciation for their dedication, Bagmati Club has introduced a unique incentive for its players. players are eligible for a withdrawal of up to 2 lakh Nepalese Rupees, specifically designated for home appliances. This financial support aims to assist players in establishing a stable and comfortable home environment.

In an event at the club's ground, Bagmati Club organized a jersey and kit handover program for the upcoming C Division League. Brightlane Educational Consultancy, a steadfast supporter of sports development, generously sponsored the team's gears, further strengthening the collaboration between the club and its sponsors.

Club's general secretary, Sagar Mainali thanked the consultancy for the support.

With Bagmati Club's multifaceted approach to player welfare and its determined preparations for the C Division League, the team is poised to make a lasting impact on the football scene in Sarlahi and beyond.

As the league draws near, fans eagerly await the on-field prowess of Bagmati Club and anticipate witnessing the positive transformations brought about by the club's commitment to player development and well-being.

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